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December 12, 2009

Do not dishonor your family

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Lawn_chairTokyo transit poster for WRJ (South Main Street).

May 14, 2009

A Post with One Image

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Here is a post with a single image.

Cover 1

Cover 1

A Post with Two Images

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This is a post with two images.


This is a cookout that Glen had for a few of us in May of 2008.


Here are Mark Thisse, Annie Murphy, and Kevin at the barbecue.

A Look at My CCS Thesis

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There is a new page that contains the first several pages of my CCS thesis.

Click here.

November 9, 2008

“Raid” Thumbnails (complete)

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Herewith the complete thumbnails (pp. 1–18) for “The Great Kavadarci Raid.”

November 3, 2008

“The Great Raid” thumbnails 1–8

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“The Great Raid” thumbnails pages 1 to 8.

This story should be 18–20 pages, and I’m posting the first eigh pages of thumbnails here. Additional pages will be added in the next week.

I’m telling this one in the present tense and trying to get away from the “telling not showing” problems of “The Flying Englishman.” I’m also using a six-panel grid, but I’m worried that the story becomes herky-jerky.

Characterizations are also an issue. In a single long story they can develop more easily, I’m thinking, than in a series of shorter works like these. I’ll likely have to revise things overall after the last of the thumbnails are done for the thesis.

October 27, 2008

Ghostie close-up

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Wee ghostie close-up

And here is a close-up of one of the wee ghosties in a neighbor’s tree.

October 26, 2008


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Walking past a neighbor’s house I spied several wee ghosties in a tree.

October 12, 2008

Thumbnail pdfs

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It may by more convenient to look at pdfs for

“The Siren Call” click –> siren_thumb2

“The Flying Englishman” click –> flying_thumb

“The Flying Englishman” thumbnails

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“The Flying Englishman” is a longer comic I plan to include in my thesis. Again, the thumbnails are reproduced here at 150%.

I’ll be letting this sit for a while before I revise it, but I’m already thinking about changing the splash panel to a looking-up view of John falling from the top of the trench and have less data-dumpy stuff at the beginning about the site.

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